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Ponentes 2014

Gabriel Ortas

Jeff Minter – aka: YAK @llamasoft_ox
Videogame´s  Guru. Fundador de Llamasoft.
Jeff Minter,  fundador de la casa de software Llamasoft y creador decenas de juegos durante su carrera para sistemas como el commodore Vic-20 C64, Atari ST y Jaguar, Xbox360, PsVita. etc…


Alfonso Villar
– CEO & Co-founder at
Alfonso has loved to play online games since he was young. That’s why he began working for Internet Startups in 2006 as Project Manager for social networks, online communities, online games and virtual worlds or MMOs for Spain, France and Latin America. In 2011 he and Enrique Dubois (serial entrepreneur and CEO of the Spanish Incubator & Accelerator founded, a games company that brings traditional & casino multiplayer games to social networks, smartphones & tablets, focusing on the Spanish & Portuguese-speaking countries. In less than two years PlaySpace has achieved 8M registered users across 20 countries, with 8 games on Facebook, iOS and Android platforms.


Daniel Fernandez
Mutant Games co-founder
Diseñador de videojuegos y co-fundador del studio Mutant Games, enfocado al desarrollo de videojuegos para smartphones. Ver web

Gabriel Ortas

Gabriel Ortas
Programador de Videojuegos
Programador de videojuegos desde la edad de oro del software Español, sigue desarrollando juegos para sistemas actuales y realizando proyectos sobre dispositivos portatiles y frontend Web.


Gonzalo Pastor – aka: @Gronzraguer
Coleccionista de consolas y ordenadores retro, amante de lo friki y poco común. Apologista de los sistemas poco conocidos o deshauciados como la Atari Jaguar, Panasonic 3DO, etc… Productor y colaborador activo de Podcast de la escena retro en España. Co-organizador de Mallorca Game.


Miguel A. Carrillo Guillén
Lead Artist
Lead Artist en Tragnarion Studios y profesor de videojuegos en EDIB, ha trabajado en varios estudios de desarrollo de videojuegos como: Dinamic Multimedia, Cryo Interactive, Hammer Technologies, etc.
Cofundador en el 1989 del grupo independiente «Island Dreams» .

Gabriel Ortas

David Caldes- aka: @dcaldes
Experto en la historia del videojuego y coleccionista de consolas y ordenadores retro. Contertulio en infinidad de Podcast de la escena retro en España y Director de @Fanboypodcast y RetroactivoTV . Co-organizador de Mallorca Game.



Juan Gabriel Gomila
Data Scientist & Game Designer at
Juan Gabriel Gomila has always been fascinated with mathematics and video games. He grew up playing all Final Fantasy saga, all kinds of racing car games (from Gran Turismo or NFS to GTA) and lately WOW style games or Assassins Creed Saga. He always tried to find out the algorithms that made his car be faster, leveled up his own characters or improved his weeknesses to have the strongest character on the RPG he played and applied it to their own video games he developed by himself on the iOS platform. Since late 2012, he has been working as Data scientist & Game Designer at, a Spanish games company that brings traditional & casino multiplayer games to social networks where he has been able to make his hobby his actual job. There he has been able to deal with the virtual currency inflation problems that the company had in its early days and modeled different ways to deal with all kinds of player profiles that exist in this kind of social games.


Marce Luna – aka @airsynth
Presidente de Retromallorca
Aficionado a la programación y presidente de RetroMallorca, la asociación para la divulgación de la historia de la informática y los videojuegos. Sus inicios en ese mundillo fueron en el Club Mesxes ( )

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