Mallorca Game Professional Day 2016

Mallorca Game Professional Day 2016


As we do for the last year this year we would like to gather all professional game developers and those who want to become.

This year we do not want to repeat ourselves introducing several new items. So stay tuned while the day approaches we will post new info about all the cool stuff coming for this years professional day!

As you might have already noted the event has moved this time into the facilities of the Parc Bit offering the best possible place to organize the event.

From here we want to thank Parc Bit for their help and letting us celebrate this special day at their facilities and infrastructures.

As always a welcome thank you to PlaySpace for their unconditional support which made the event possible.

Format and deliverables

  • Welcome 16:00

  • Event presentation 16:15

  • Conferences

  • Round Table

  • Presentation of the theme for the Mallorca Game Jam

  • Presentation of the finalists of the Mallorca Game Awards

Please pre-register for the event due to our limited slots (150).

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