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Mallorca Game Jam 2016 Rules



Mallorca Game Jam 2016

Rules – Video game jam

As we already announced knowing that the island if full of indies and game enthusiasts this year we want to prepare we will organize an awesome game jam to show of your abilities!

Keep in mind that the jam is also a window to expose your talent to studios and companies, networking or even some recruiters that we know will be having a look at the games.

The theme will be published at the professional day 17th of June. Ensure you assist and book your seat!


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  • Each participant will have a table and two outlets. Participants must bring the hardware and software necessary to develop the game,. For special inquiries please contact the organization (

  • Groups can have up to 5 members. A large table will be provided, two plugs per team and a chair per person.

  • Software and hardware has to be provide by the teams or individuals. Internet via WIFI and Ethernet will be available. For special inquiries please contact the organization (

  • The pre-registration period is until Wednesday 15 June. To register, send an email with your details to (full name, age, email and phone). Subject: Mallorca Game Jam 16

About the Jam

The Mallorca Game Jam is a competition for teams or individuals to create a complete game in about 7 days during the Mallorca Game Convention: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Thursday and Friday participants do not require to be physically at the convention.

The games must be completed in person at the convention during the Saturday and Sunday. Deadline to finish the entries is until 12:00 at noon (GMT+1).

Until 14:00 all games can be tested and will be evaluated by the jury.

The themes of the Jam will be put to vote two weeks before the Jam, the final result of the vote and the theme chosen will be published at the professional day of the convention.

We do not impose any restrictions on the tools or previous existing code used.

The use of third-party content such as art, audio, music, etc or created by the team is permitted (always in the faith of holding a valid license for the used content). Derivative work is allowed but will have a negative evaluation in the judgment process.

The project must be created for the jam, even finished projects that might fit the theme are not permitted.

The organization recommends that the team must hold the legal right to use any tool or content they use in the process of creating their entry. In the case of software tools we expect the relevant licenses and in the case of content the right to use such content. The organization is not responsible if the participants use tools or content without the necessary licenses.

The source code will be published in the GitHub of the organization:

The game is to be submitted ready to run, the jury does not have to recompile, build, or even package it to avoid unnecessary lost time and delaying the evaluation of other entries. It is appreciated to have the necessary instructions to run and play the game ready.

Copyright: The game is owned by the creators, plain and simple. The organization reserves the sole right to expose it at their facilities or use it as educational material, quoting and giving due credit to their creators.

All personal data is protected through the Spanish data protection law: Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de protección de datos de carácter personal.


All projects will be evaluated on a scale of 0 to 10 in the following categories:

  • Originality and Innovation: Ideas that make it unique a project, which makes us table flip and freakout!

  • Fun and gameplay: The game has to be fun and feature engaging gameplay.

  • Audio: The quality and sound design, not only at the level of audio files but also the use of them.

  • Graphics: The graphics quality, how carefully crafted your visuals are and how they fit into the rest of the game.

  • In line with the theme: How much the games aligns with the proposed theme. How the e was applied in innovative and unexpected ways.

  • General: Overall rating and totally subjective of the project.


Jury is composed by industry veterans from a broad variety of fields.


Prizes will be unveiled during the Game Jam.


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  • Moritz Wundke


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