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Mallorca Game Awards 2016


Mallorca Game Awards 2016

Rules – Video game awards

What are the Mallorca Game Awards?

Mallorca Game Awards is the official video game award organized during the Mallorca Game in colaboration with the partners of the event. It’s main goal is to boost the spirit and culture of video games.



Simple as it sounds, your goal is to create a video game. Any genre or platforms are valid, from browser games, over console and PC games, mobile games, etc.

Format and deliverables

After registering you must submit the following:

  • Dossier in PDF format with max 2 A4 pages. The dossier shall contain the idea of the game, the theme, main mechanics and the target platform.

  • A promotional video of about 2 minutes length (YouTube links are ok).

The game itself can be submitted in digital form (via cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud, etc.) with the dossier to the following email: Please provide the title, name and surname of all team members, company, phone number and contact email address.

Games that are delivered in physical form will be judged accordingly.

During the convention

The week before the convention during the professional day the games will be shown to the public. The finalists are picked at the same time.

During the convention the games will be available to the public to be demoed.

Team-members are not required to be physically present in the event while we do appreciate it.

In the case that no team-member is available to demo their project the organization will take on the task showcasing it (only for PC though).

Time schedules

The project must be submitted between the 10th of February and the 12th of June 2016

The submission can be updated in til the 16th of June 2016.


The ceremony will take place on Sunday 26th June 2016.

The jury reserves the right to alter the award or even cancel it in case of not reaching a minimum number of submissions are if the submissions do not achieve a minimum quality standard.


All prices will be given in exchangeable bonds by the companies which granted each price, the company holds full responsibility about the prize they grant.

The validity of the bonds will be 6 months from the submission date.

All prizes will be handed-over only to the person who submitted the project.

Any prize winner not residing in Spain will receive any prizes in cash via a bank transfer.

1st Prize

  • 1000€ in cash. Exchangeable bond granted by the Fleming Group.

  • Edib dimploma

In case of the first price the authors shall irrefutably prove to be the creators of the project.

2nd Prize

  • Weekend for two in a hotel at Mallorca

  • Edib dimploma

3rd Prize

  • Edib dimploma

Who can participate?

  • Any game development company

  • Any person older than 16 years who created their own game


  • Like and share the post of the award in our Facebook page (

  • Original and unpublished titles that are not currently in the judging process of other awards.

  • To protect the authors/submitters copyrights we accept ideas registered as Creative Commons.

  • The author/submitter is fully responsible for the submitted content as well as against any copyright claims.

  • The organization can ask for accreditation of the participants about the authorship of the submitted project.

  • Projects that are 100% finished and polished for the submitted platform will be valued.

  • The juries decision will be unappealable. Creativity and original concepts will be valued.

  • All personal data is protected through the Spanish data protection law: Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de protección de datos de carácter personal.

  • The jury reserves the right to annul any of the prices if required.

  • The games will be tested previously by the organization in a per-selection phase ensuring the projects hold a minimum quality.